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Starburst Brooch - Gina holding for size

Welcome to Stars & Red Roses

Hi, I'm Georgina and I run Stars & Red Roses. 😀
I'm making it my mission to provide my customers with fun, colourful and exciting statement jewellery, designed to turn people's heads or start a conversation. ⭐🌹
I design and assemble each jewellery piece from home, using a laser cutting
machine to prepare all the parts before I glue them together.

🎮❤️ I'm a huge comic book lover, and TV and gaming geek, and so draw a lot of my inspiration from pop culture fandoms, as well as alternative and pin-up era fashion and some social justice issues I believe in strongly.  PLUS colour... I love plenty of colour!

🐈🐍 Lastly, as I'm a mum to many many pets I'm looking forward to creating some fun and quirky animal-themed designs sometime in the near future.

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