Privacy Policy

This policy describes how and why Stars & Red Roses uses your personal information, how I protect your privacy when doing so, and your rights and choices regarding this information. I promise to respect any of your personal information which is under my control and to keep it safe.  When I collect your information, I aim to be clear about how I use your data.

I am a small business and only collect information that helps me better serve my customers and those who have a genuine interest in the products that I create.

My use of personal information allows me to keep you up to date on stuff that you’ve told me you’re interested in, such as my product launches, promotional sales, giveaway contests and exhibitors events 

This policy is effective from 25th May 2018.


How I Collect Information About You

I collect information in the following ways:

You may give me your information in order to sign up for my mailing list, enter a giveaway contest, purchase my products or otherwise communicate with me.

When you use this website, I collect your personal information using “cookies” and other tracking methods.  In addition, in accordance with common website practice, I receive information about the type of device you’re using to access my website and the settings on that device may provide me with information about your device, including what type of device it is, what specific device you have, what operating system you’re using, what your device settings are, and why a crash has happened. Your device manufacturer or operating system provider will have more details about what information your device makes available to me.

I may also occasionally use information from social media.  Depending on your settings or the privacy policies for social media and messaging services like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you might give me permission to access information from those services, for example when you publicly tag Stars & Red Roses in an event or product review photo.

What Pesonal Information I Collect

I collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

your name; your contact details (including postal address, telephone number, e-mail address and/or social media identity); your date of birth; your bank or credit card details where you provide these to make a payment (these are not stored, only used at point of sale); information about your activities on the website and about the device you use to access these, for instance your IP address and geographical location; information about events, activities and products which I consider to be of interest to you; and any other personal information you provide to me.  Certain types of personal information are in a special category under data protection laws, as they are considered to be more sensitive. Examples of this type of sensitive data would be information about health, race, religious beliefs, political views, trade union membership, sex life or sexuality or genetic/biometric information.

Wherever it is practical for me to do so, I will make why I are collecting this type of information clear and what it will be used for.

​How I Use Your Information to Tell You About My Work

My marketing communications include updates about new product collections, unadvertised sales, coupons and discounts, and requests for feedback on new jewellery designs.  Occasionally, I may include information from partner organisations or organisations who support Stars & Red Roses in these communications. I operate an ‘opt-i